drsses loli

drsses loli

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Okay, so I have been really wanting to go out and go to Joann's so I can make myself a dress for ever a month now and finally when I can go.. I don't really want to as much anymore. I was thinking I am no seamstress. I will start this dress and it will be a total fail and I will give up. Knowing myself that is 99% accurate. SO i decided instaed of wasting my money on disaster in the making I decided to just continue my saving of money for Anime Expo in July. Only 4 and 1/2 months until then! And instaed of buying a couple dresses and having a half-made horrible dress. I can buy more loli dresses then. I know I really want lolita ASAP but if I keep my patience I surely will get as much as my hear desires in July. For now I can start out with small things. Continue getting small cute things to my collection and soon I too will have lolita ^^ I sometimes wonder though, once I actually get the lolita will I be super happy at first and then forget aout it? Or will I continue on this journey to fuwa loli-ness? I continue to fall in love with lolita more and more each day but I am not completely sure if it would even look that good ON me... I like more of the simple sweet lolita. With light pastels but no ourageous prints. Although I do like them I am not sure if I could wear them. But, I still want some! I am such a hypocrite. Once I do get all of my lolita in July my blog will be probably be more loli-fied cause then I have more loli like pictures to upload. For now, all I can do is wait. I feel so selfish also because I am thinking all about myself even though yesterday Japan was hit. I do care though! I really love Japan. The people are all so fantastic and inspiring, I feel so bad that soo many of them are lost. Those poor people. I will pray for them constantly. It is just so sad.... Those poor people. But them also in time everything should be better. We just need to be patient and hold our heads high...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Dress~!

So my one and only BTSSB lolita dress that i love soo soo soo much I could never find online so I could see what it is called! I finally found it! but with no name... It was on the San Francisco BTSSB blog ^^
here also 2 that I personally took of my dress. Isn't it beautiful?! And apparently it is a good Valentine Coordinate dress! To bad I don't think of this before Valentine's day... QnQ But I wore my cute Vivi dress so that is Okee~
Sorry this is such a short post...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lolita Troubles.. Is anyone listening?

As a Lolita you must act polite.. right?
You should be already but as a Lolita it is a must. I see on videos sometimes when a Lolita acts silly a comment will say something like "she is not a true Lolita"
So as a Lolita does this mean I cannot act a bit silly sometimes? Or can not show a bit of shoulder when it is hot?
Is it wrong?
They say Lolita is a lifestyle not just a style of clothing..
But what if Lolita is something you absolutely love and you just are not the type of person who will stay in her Lolita polite mood 24/7! I mean I have times where I can be really silly. Does this mean I cannot be silly anymore?
Also is it bad to sometimes wear casual clothes? I mean of course I want to wear Lolita but sometimes I think I would want to wear something a bit more casual...
Like would it be bad to wear shorts from time to time? Or is that perfectly fine?
I don't even know...
Please help. Anyone out there? maybe?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel like a Princess

Today, I was being the most laziest girl in the whole world. when suddenly I felt this click...
I jolted into my closet and picked out something that was semi lolita ish other than my BTSSB dress that I always wear~
A skirt I made at Jill's
My BTSSB socks~
a cute bracelet
the shirt was the hard part... the one i picked out ended up looking decent tho. I do not own a blouse and now in desperate need of one! This shirt is good for the cold weather and! has a cute bow on it :3
I put on some light make-up and curled my hair and walaa~
Princess A La Mode~
I automatically act more princesse-ey while in this~
I am so lame.... after I admired my outfit I went on Photo booth and otook these horrid pics! ^^;
ButI am happy so I have to put them up for the world to see!!! (well not really cause I have no watchers QAQ)
I guess this is more of a diary. A lolita Diary! Cause no one really reads it...
I don't care to much though, I like writing so there!
Now I bid you Farewell~

Is it weird for one to obssess over socks? I litterally sat ina ball looking at my socks today for a loooooong time. Admiring there beautiful stiches... *sish* >///<

Thursday, February 17, 2011

9 Months till the Birth of Brookie's Loli Life

uwaa~~~~~How can I be a lolita if I cannot afford and get any clothes? I fail at sewing but I guess I'll manage. I do have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress! But one beautiful lolita dress won't do for a whole wardrobe! I can't and won't where the same dress everyday! It will fade! Q3Q I also has a pair of BTTSB socks and a t-shirt tho so that is good! I has been buying a lot of frilly clothes and cute things tho! Like i bought a pack of lip gloss which are in the shape of cupcakes from Borders! They are so adorable! How do you think is a good way to make money when you are only fifteen? Well I am slowly sweetafying everyting I own. My phone is deco'd and has a super cute ice cream charm Angela made me~ I have some cupcake candles for show, the lip glosses, and other cute things ^^ but! It is no nearly enough to be able to call myself a sweet lolita! My birthday is in 9 months... 9 months until the birth of Brookie's Loli Life~!!!! I will ask for only loli thingys! (tho i doubt not all will be o3o What do you think I should buy first? More dresses? More accessories? Start small and work big? Or big to small?! o.e Help me~ onegaishimasu! My role model right now is deffinetly Misako Aoki! OMG! She is sooooo sdorable I am so jealous! I also love Kanon Wakeshima~ They both are super cool people! But they were not always like that. They had to work to get where they are now. which means I must work too!
must suffer for beauty~!!! said my auntie! and I beleive it!
I will suffer a lot until the day of I get a good collection of loli~ I will be counting down the days until I can become a pretty sweet loli princess~ *sigh* *____* all day everyday! all I see or think about is lolita! I am tottalt serious if I am not working I go right into spacing out about beautiful frills~ Uwaaaaa~~~ >///<>
so as a lolita does that mean I have to act differently, I know you should be polite and I usually am as much as possible. I probably over apologize and always say thank you! Though I do not always remember please... Q3Q sorry...
"Curtsey as you think!" said the Red Queen once. I tend do that now.. I just had to say so for some reason.. o.e idk sorry.. okay thank you for reaading~


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kawaii Charms~

Well with my friend and I wanting to make an etsy I went on etsy to look at the kind of clay charms they are so selling so I can get some ideas and one I cam across was just so adorable! If my phone would let me attache charms to it I would have bought this on the spot. I may try making one for my own personal use like putting on a bag~ :3
I need to go to Micheal's so I can get some supplies and start making some cute charms! Possibley as cute as this one! I wonder if that is even possible?!?
Well if I keep working at it I probably could get close!~ ^^
Wish me luck! Because I realllllllly need money to have make my lolita wardrobe grow!

How much do you think I should ask for things like this? This person has it selling for $7.00
Do you think that is reasonable? Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65463345/kawaii-pink-cookie-sandwich-phone-charm?ref=sr_list_4&ga_search_query=lolita&ga_search_type=handmade

I need to expand my world of cuteness! But cute comes with a price! Eventually I may be able to do so~ Hopefully sometime soon... ^^ *wishful thinking*

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Visit to our Local Park on Cute Day

My good friends Raenah and Jill came with me on our "Cute Day" to the park. We went ona sort of walk on the hill side walked home got a bento and did it again but instead with a picnic. We had some crackers with cheese and turkey or as my friends said "ham" ... and also a sandwhich with rasberry jelly and cream cheese. When we got home from the first visit my friends decided to take my shoes... for some reason they do when ever I leav the room and hide them in a tree. I usually take my shoes off outiside to feel the cool grass on my toes <3 well there they are rescuing my shoes from the horrid tree whom I forgive for eating them. I hope to have more cute days to come!