drsses loli

drsses loli

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mall Spree~

So my mom got me some cute make up after having a lady put some on me. It came out well surprisingly because I fidget a lot.. ^^;
I got it from one of my favorite brands, Urban Decay. She Also Bought me a cute lacy SKIRT!!!! Of course I had to have it in the middle of winter... I too bought myself some sparely pink lip stick and eye lash curler from Sephora, another cool make up brand, They have a huge Sephora store at my mall. Its weird I feel like I'm starting to turn into a girlie girl... @.@ well.. Ta Ta~!!!! *blows kiss*

Yesterday I went to the mall and got some cool make up! ^^; (Next Post)
and also a cupcake! lol A red velvet cupcake from a cupcake store called Velvet Cupcakes.
It was so yummy! A tad over baked on the top but was moist inside and the frostingcomplimented it nicely! ^^ I've learned to eat a cupcake with a fork... from cake boss. It is easier I think. that way u can still get a taste of the frosting and it is not as messy. So try it sometime~
now... go eat some cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!! ^____^

Yummy Treats!

My Aunt Lynn makes these truffles and they are the best! She is a professional at these!
She uses oreos and crushes them. She mixed them with creame cheese and probably other stuff, rold them into small balls and chills them. She dips them in chocolate then drizzles white chocolate on top. And boy they are good!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all! And other holidays! For Christmas I got some great presents!
Thanks Everybody! This is some of what I got.
I got this small cake booklet that goes through step to step on making beautiful cakes for Brginners! Like me! So get ready to see some cakes!!! Have a good holiday!!!!

"Petite Fours!" Kinda...

So my friend Angela came over and we made... Petite Fours just as promised.
They sure where delicious, messy, and cute. I am not really sure if they were petite fours but they still tasted great so thats all that matter I suppose.
My frosting skills are okay but when u give me a minature cake I am terrible!!! Angela was way better than me. ^^;
It was fun to make and I recommend trying to make them. But you need patience and to be fully awake! I know I was not so we took a lot of break time....
Anyways~ Bon Appetite!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

So as I was on my way to see the new Harry Potter we stopped at Starbucks. My friends mom insisted I got one of the Christmas Specials. So i normally get hot chocolate so i went with the peppermint hot chocolate. I loved it! It had such a unique nummy taste! So i have gotten in a couple times there now and have contined to enjoy it. I have gotten these small peppermint sticks at home and decided to make my own. I put one stick in, filled the cup with mily and the chocolate syrup, stirred and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. And man was it good! I sprayed a whole lot of whipped cream on top and drank as much as I could handle! ^^
Oh, and that is my chihuahua, Juinor, looking at the amazing cup of coco. I was thinking why did they call it peppermint? It does not taste like pepper and I guess kinda minty... If you know why tell me please! I would like to know. I might just google it ^^;

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspired Cuteness

So my friends and I went out to the at the Tea Gardens. They had such cute sweets there! It has inspired me too cook some petite fours! I plan on making them sometime this week. I will post pictures of them here once they are made!
Here is my Kawaii Inspiration!:

There were so many delicious looking choices! It was overwhelming! >U<
Oh the gorgeous petite four and the chocolate chip scone lightly dusted with powdered sugar! How nummy is this! *falls over*

Hi~! Welcome Brookie!

Hi, i am Brooke and I wanted to make a cute blog where I show some of my cute crafts! And some kawaii foods; I plan to get better at making cute desserts. I am not the best at keeping my blog up to date but i will try my bestest to keep this blog up and running as much as I can!
Please check my blog out once i put something up.. ^^;