drsses loli

drsses loli

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Visit to our Local Park on Cute Day

My good friends Raenah and Jill came with me on our "Cute Day" to the park. We went ona sort of walk on the hill side walked home got a bento and did it again but instead with a picnic. We had some crackers with cheese and turkey or as my friends said "ham" ... and also a sandwhich with rasberry jelly and cream cheese. When we got home from the first visit my friends decided to take my shoes... for some reason they do when ever I leav the room and hide them in a tree. I usually take my shoes off outiside to feel the cool grass on my toes <3 well there they are rescuing my shoes from the horrid tree whom I forgive for eating them. I hope to have more cute days to come!


So my friend in the picture and I went on a trip to the mall.We went in the toy store of course and discovered something that was tottally amazingly awesomely cute!!!!! We stood there and fanned over them for like a half hour. Twice! We left and came back! After feeling stupid we left although we were both very tempted to buy a set. Well we have this inside joke where Jill has her own world in her mind and we wanted to go there sometime and we thought it would look something like this since after all this place was called "Clover Land". As said in Alice in Wonderland: "Cats and Rabbits would resign in fancy little houses. And Where shoes and hats and trousers. In a world of my own~"

Some Chocolate Chip Scones

My Friends and I had sort of a tea party. Although chocolate chip does not go the best with tea it still was great. It was a bot awkward because we have no idea on how to have a polite nice tea party. Typical Americans. Anyways~
The scones are really easy to make! You just use some eggs butter all chopped up into cute cubes, flour and sugar and all that good stuff. I usually cut them into small flowers so there are plenty to go around! You constantly are checking the scones though to get them just right because they cook fast! So you have to keep a good eye on them. If anyone wants the recipe you can just ask and I will post it :3 Thank you whomever may read this

The Huntington Library~

one word, wow. This place is filled with amazing stuff! I went with my cousins and we spent most of the time in the Children's Garden which was actually quite pleasant. It has some adorbale little places to walk in it and eyond the fence you could see many orange trees and I would sit and admire them from afar. I saw both the Chinese and Japanese Garden in which both wew some what similar and way different. Both amazing of course. Also a couple other places :3 I highly reccomend coming here! I really wish to go again to see more of the Library~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy shop~!!!!!

My pal Jill has invited me to join her in making an Etsy shop!!! What should we name it?!?!? We want to save up to buy some cute lolita clothes! :3 I might trying making some kawaii Charm necklaces cause I kind of fail at sewing...
^^;; though I try! I need more Kawaii CRAfts!! and ClOTheS~!!!!!!!!!!! Or I will be sad QAQ so help mehhhhhhhhhh!
Thanks ^^;

Monday, January 17, 2011


Super cute cupcakes for the babies little get together party! And let me tell you... they were delicous! They tasted so moist and sweet! I could die eating one... ^^; I ate so many I nearly exploded and lost count! Thankfully I didn't gain any pounds. ^^;;;; My mouth is watering as I look at these to bad there are none left QAQ ok... I think I'm gonna go make a cake... see you~

Beautiful Bella~

Babies are something I beleive to be super adorable and cute! Even thought they can get annoying, it is worth it to see her cuteness. Some people think babies are ugly but everyone has times where we do not look our best! Babioes are just plain cute the majority of the time. every little face expression is like AWWWWWWW!!! @.@ just so cute....