drsses loli

drsses loli

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Visit to our Local Park on Cute Day

My good friends Raenah and Jill came with me on our "Cute Day" to the park. We went ona sort of walk on the hill side walked home got a bento and did it again but instead with a picnic. We had some crackers with cheese and turkey or as my friends said "ham" ... and also a sandwhich with rasberry jelly and cream cheese. When we got home from the first visit my friends decided to take my shoes... for some reason they do when ever I leav the room and hide them in a tree. I usually take my shoes off outiside to feel the cool grass on my toes <3 well there they are rescuing my shoes from the horrid tree whom I forgive for eating them. I hope to have more cute days to come!

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