drsses loli

drsses loli

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Dress~!

So my one and only BTSSB lolita dress that i love soo soo soo much I could never find online so I could see what it is called! I finally found it! but with no name... It was on the San Francisco BTSSB blog ^^
here also 2 that I personally took of my dress. Isn't it beautiful?! And apparently it is a good Valentine Coordinate dress! To bad I don't think of this before Valentine's day... QnQ But I wore my cute Vivi dress so that is Okee~
Sorry this is such a short post...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lolita Troubles.. Is anyone listening?

As a Lolita you must act polite.. right?
You should be already but as a Lolita it is a must. I see on videos sometimes when a Lolita acts silly a comment will say something like "she is not a true Lolita"
So as a Lolita does this mean I cannot act a bit silly sometimes? Or can not show a bit of shoulder when it is hot?
Is it wrong?
They say Lolita is a lifestyle not just a style of clothing..
But what if Lolita is something you absolutely love and you just are not the type of person who will stay in her Lolita polite mood 24/7! I mean I have times where I can be really silly. Does this mean I cannot be silly anymore?
Also is it bad to sometimes wear casual clothes? I mean of course I want to wear Lolita but sometimes I think I would want to wear something a bit more casual...
Like would it be bad to wear shorts from time to time? Or is that perfectly fine?
I don't even know...
Please help. Anyone out there? maybe?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel like a Princess

Today, I was being the most laziest girl in the whole world. when suddenly I felt this click...
I jolted into my closet and picked out something that was semi lolita ish other than my BTSSB dress that I always wear~
A skirt I made at Jill's
My BTSSB socks~
a cute bracelet
the shirt was the hard part... the one i picked out ended up looking decent tho. I do not own a blouse and now in desperate need of one! This shirt is good for the cold weather and! has a cute bow on it :3
I put on some light make-up and curled my hair and walaa~
Princess A La Mode~
I automatically act more princesse-ey while in this~
I am so lame.... after I admired my outfit I went on Photo booth and otook these horrid pics! ^^;
ButI am happy so I have to put them up for the world to see!!! (well not really cause I have no watchers QAQ)
I guess this is more of a diary. A lolita Diary! Cause no one really reads it...
I don't care to much though, I like writing so there!
Now I bid you Farewell~

Is it weird for one to obssess over socks? I litterally sat ina ball looking at my socks today for a loooooong time. Admiring there beautiful stiches... *sish* >///<

Thursday, February 17, 2011

9 Months till the Birth of Brookie's Loli Life

uwaa~~~~~How can I be a lolita if I cannot afford and get any clothes? I fail at sewing but I guess I'll manage. I do have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress! But one beautiful lolita dress won't do for a whole wardrobe! I can't and won't where the same dress everyday! It will fade! Q3Q I also has a pair of BTTSB socks and a t-shirt tho so that is good! I has been buying a lot of frilly clothes and cute things tho! Like i bought a pack of lip gloss which are in the shape of cupcakes from Borders! They are so adorable! How do you think is a good way to make money when you are only fifteen? Well I am slowly sweetafying everyting I own. My phone is deco'd and has a super cute ice cream charm Angela made me~ I have some cupcake candles for show, the lip glosses, and other cute things ^^ but! It is no nearly enough to be able to call myself a sweet lolita! My birthday is in 9 months... 9 months until the birth of Brookie's Loli Life~!!!! I will ask for only loli thingys! (tho i doubt not all will be o3o What do you think I should buy first? More dresses? More accessories? Start small and work big? Or big to small?! o.e Help me~ onegaishimasu! My role model right now is deffinetly Misako Aoki! OMG! She is sooooo sdorable I am so jealous! I also love Kanon Wakeshima~ They both are super cool people! But they were not always like that. They had to work to get where they are now. which means I must work too!
must suffer for beauty~!!! said my auntie! and I beleive it!
I will suffer a lot until the day of I get a good collection of loli~ I will be counting down the days until I can become a pretty sweet loli princess~ *sigh* *____* all day everyday! all I see or think about is lolita! I am tottalt serious if I am not working I go right into spacing out about beautiful frills~ Uwaaaaa~~~ >///<>
so as a lolita does that mean I have to act differently, I know you should be polite and I usually am as much as possible. I probably over apologize and always say thank you! Though I do not always remember please... Q3Q sorry...
"Curtsey as you think!" said the Red Queen once. I tend do that now.. I just had to say so for some reason.. o.e idk sorry.. okay thank you for reaading~


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kawaii Charms~

Well with my friend and I wanting to make an etsy I went on etsy to look at the kind of clay charms they are so selling so I can get some ideas and one I cam across was just so adorable! If my phone would let me attache charms to it I would have bought this on the spot. I may try making one for my own personal use like putting on a bag~ :3
I need to go to Micheal's so I can get some supplies and start making some cute charms! Possibley as cute as this one! I wonder if that is even possible?!?
Well if I keep working at it I probably could get close!~ ^^
Wish me luck! Because I realllllllly need money to have make my lolita wardrobe grow!

How much do you think I should ask for things like this? This person has it selling for $7.00
Do you think that is reasonable? Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65463345/kawaii-pink-cookie-sandwich-phone-charm?ref=sr_list_4&ga_search_query=lolita&ga_search_type=handmade

I need to expand my world of cuteness! But cute comes with a price! Eventually I may be able to do so~ Hopefully sometime soon... ^^ *wishful thinking*