drsses loli

drsses loli

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Okay, so I have been really wanting to go out and go to Joann's so I can make myself a dress for ever a month now and finally when I can go.. I don't really want to as much anymore. I was thinking I am no seamstress. I will start this dress and it will be a total fail and I will give up. Knowing myself that is 99% accurate. SO i decided instaed of wasting my money on disaster in the making I decided to just continue my saving of money for Anime Expo in July. Only 4 and 1/2 months until then! And instaed of buying a couple dresses and having a half-made horrible dress. I can buy more loli dresses then. I know I really want lolita ASAP but if I keep my patience I surely will get as much as my hear desires in July. For now I can start out with small things. Continue getting small cute things to my collection and soon I too will have lolita ^^ I sometimes wonder though, once I actually get the lolita will I be super happy at first and then forget aout it? Or will I continue on this journey to fuwa loli-ness? I continue to fall in love with lolita more and more each day but I am not completely sure if it would even look that good ON me... I like more of the simple sweet lolita. With light pastels but no ourageous prints. Although I do like them I am not sure if I could wear them. But, I still want some! I am such a hypocrite. Once I do get all of my lolita in July my blog will be probably be more loli-fied cause then I have more loli like pictures to upload. For now, all I can do is wait. I feel so selfish also because I am thinking all about myself even though yesterday Japan was hit. I do care though! I really love Japan. The people are all so fantastic and inspiring, I feel so bad that soo many of them are lost. Those poor people. I will pray for them constantly. It is just so sad.... Those poor people. But them also in time everything should be better. We just need to be patient and hold our heads high...

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  1. nah. Brookie, i dont think your being selfish! you just like to dress up in fruffily outfits!
    and ya, you might get bored of your dresses that you will get and eventually forget about them. but then after a while, you can re-discover the joy you find in Lolita.