drsses loli

drsses loli

Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel like a Princess

Today, I was being the most laziest girl in the whole world. when suddenly I felt this click...
I jolted into my closet and picked out something that was semi lolita ish other than my BTSSB dress that I always wear~
A skirt I made at Jill's
My BTSSB socks~
a cute bracelet
the shirt was the hard part... the one i picked out ended up looking decent tho. I do not own a blouse and now in desperate need of one! This shirt is good for the cold weather and! has a cute bow on it :3
I put on some light make-up and curled my hair and walaa~
Princess A La Mode~
I automatically act more princesse-ey while in this~
I am so lame.... after I admired my outfit I went on Photo booth and otook these horrid pics! ^^;
ButI am happy so I have to put them up for the world to see!!! (well not really cause I have no watchers QAQ)
I guess this is more of a diary. A lolita Diary! Cause no one really reads it...
I don't care to much though, I like writing so there!
Now I bid you Farewell~

Is it weird for one to obssess over socks? I litterally sat ina ball looking at my socks today for a loooooong time. Admiring there beautiful stiches... *sish* >///<


  1. Hey! i dont think its weird to admire socks! sockeareawesomealltheway. daww, you look really cute in that outfit. :D but i know what you mean by not having enough $ to but new dresses. ummmm, you could do chores for money. like, clean your neighbors cars, clean the house or the garage or the backyard. make cakes and sell them. do you get an allowance? allowences help alot.

    well, im gonna be coming on as often as i can and post comments on your totally awesome; dare i say it; kawaii blog! gotta go to school, see ya there! <3

  2. Yay Socks!!! ^^
    Thanks ^^;;;
    chores... I get $20 everyweek but that usually ends up being spent QnQ
    hmm I can maybe do that...
    yay!!!! I did see you there! >u<

  3. haha. well, maybe you should force yourself to save your money. do you have a banking account? maybe you could go by your bank every other week and put in your savings or something! idk @^@