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drsses loli

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lolita Troubles.. Is anyone listening?

As a Lolita you must act polite.. right?
You should be already but as a Lolita it is a must. I see on videos sometimes when a Lolita acts silly a comment will say something like "she is not a true Lolita"
So as a Lolita does this mean I cannot act a bit silly sometimes? Or can not show a bit of shoulder when it is hot?
Is it wrong?
They say Lolita is a lifestyle not just a style of clothing..
But what if Lolita is something you absolutely love and you just are not the type of person who will stay in her Lolita polite mood 24/7! I mean I have times where I can be really silly. Does this mean I cannot be silly anymore?
Also is it bad to sometimes wear casual clothes? I mean of course I want to wear Lolita but sometimes I think I would want to wear something a bit more casual...
Like would it be bad to wear shorts from time to time? Or is that perfectly fine?
I don't even know...
Please help. Anyone out there? maybe?


  1. Brookie!!!! You don't need to change your personality to be a lolita! Yes, it is a lifestyle to some (myself included, I feel), but lifestyle does not equate to personality. If you are a lifestyle loli, you just take interest in lolita related things, like embroidery, listening to classical music or Kanon Wakeshima, etc. that sort of thing. And it absolutely does not matter if you wear un-lolita clothes sometimes, or usually. Yes, you can show your shoulders in loli. And why do you even need to ask if you can wear shorts? Of course you can! -hug- You're being silly, do whatever you want. Oh! And being polite is something that wether you are a lolita or not is just good manners. You don't need to suddenly become uber polite with perfect ettiquite when you dress lolita. Unless of course you genuinely want to.

  2. oh? oh ok cool
    I do like lolita related things A LOT! Embroidery... (does cross-stitch count...? ^^; ) I sometimes like classical music but I love Kanon.
    oh ok
    Yay! I just wasn't sure QnQ
    I see.... Although I should practice being more polite in general because that is something you should already be. I think Raenah would think other wise tho.. ^^;

  3. yes, i agree. you should be polite, but you shouldnt give up your personality! you can laugh, you can have fun while still being polite and refined. C: